Digital Catalog

Done in: 04.2019 / Customer: The Lounge by AT&T / Task: Large self-service touch experience

What the client needed

The Lounge by AT&T was a retail concept creating a relaxed, locally inspired space that was part retail store, part coffeehouse and part hangout space. Located in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, it allowed visitors to work, meet up with friends, collaborate and experience a new way to shop.

My part of the project

I worked along side a second designer for the Digital Catalog from planning and requirements gathering to strategy, visual design, and interaction design. I also collaborated with the design and development teams to brainstorm ideas and solve issues. The design consisted of a fluid and dynamic interface consisting of “floating cards” to create a fun and engaging experience for customers to browse and shop devices and accessories. The interface leveraged the Unity gaming platform to handle the lively interface components and dynamic motion interactions.